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Founded On A Commitment To Excellence And Integrity

Providing cost-effective solutions in the fast-paced world of international business and finance can be challenging. However, We prefer to focus on raising our standards and furtherig our own education rather than inconvenience clients or deliver service that falls short of excellence. When you choose Masud & CO., PC, you get a firm backed by unwavering principles of growth, leadership, innovation and a strong commitment to your needs.

When we first opened our doors in 1989, we did so with a vision to provide our clients with high-quality representation and successfull results. We are proud to continue to uphold those values over 30 years later.


From our offices in Boston and Miami, we offer tailored business solutions to clients of all nationalities.

Capable of Adapting To Your Needs

In order to best represent clients from countries around the globe, we strive to stay current with the ever-changing landscape of international business. We have decades of experience quickly adjusting legal strategy when our clients’ shifting business situations demand it. We believe our ability to anticipate and respond to these changes is a cornerstone of how we deliver service with excellence and integrity.

In every case we take, we embrace all of our clients’ unique needs and adapt to their challenges appropriately — including offering in-house Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese legal counsel. Our diverse clientele regularly require representation on a wide and varying range of difficult and sensitive matters, which is why we never apply the same approach to two different cases. Every entity and individual we work with receives personalized service and a customized legal strategy. Simply put, we find the answers our clients need.

Dedicated to achieving success for our clients.

International business law covers a wide breadth of topics, transactions and commercial interests, in addition to personal interests. Our firm has the tools needed to work with both businesses and individuals on a constantly expanding variety of legal matters. We frequently resolve issues created by breakdowns in commercial transactions and settle disagreements with clarity and professionalism. Where required, we utilize the techniques of litigation and arbitration to negotiate fair solutions for our clients in the most practical way.

Whether you or your business need legal guidance during an acquisition, formation, merger or trade, or you want to protect your international assets, make sure you choose a firm you can trust. Unsure if you can benefit from hiring an international business law firm? Contact us today to learn exactly how we can support you.

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