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Effective, creative and responsive legal counsel for clients with international interests.

Sophisticated Asset Protection Strategies Around The World

Modern life is becoming more globalized each year. Many wealthy individuals have accounts, businesses and properties in multiple parts of the world. No matter where your assets are located, however, securing them with effective legal protection is vital.

Rather than coordinating with multiple attorneys in different countries, Masud & Co., PC, allows you to centralize your asset protection. Our meticulous approach and deep finance law background can give you an advantage. We regularly advise both foreign and domestic clients.

Blending International Law And Finance Law To Create New Solutions

Masud & Co., PC, offers comprehensive asset protection services, including:

  • Revocable and irrevocable trust formation
  • Asset retention strategies when gifting, purchasing or investing
  • Relocation of assets to or from the United States
  • Traditional estate planning strategies

With decades of experience in international business law and finance law, our lawyer understands how certain actions may impact you and your loved ones for years to come. We can help you structure your asset portfolio around differing regional tax liabilities, unique family situations and special assets, such as business ownership.

Your Future Is Our Priority

Asset protection is about strategically positioning your resources so that the value of your wealth can extend throughout your lifetime and beyond. However, personal preferences plays a large role when deciding which methods to use. Some options may trade off greater protection for lower flexibility and vice versa.

We will take time to learn about your unique goals and the assets in your portfolio. Then we will build an innovative solution that keeps your assets accessible when you need them. With our tailored approach, your asset protection methods can match your personal plan and lifestyle.

Call Us To Position Your Portfolio For Long-Term Success

Masud & Co., PC, gives you the opportunity to work with a lawyer who has experience implementing legal protection for a variety of clients with international assets. For a consultation, email us or call 305-358-5000 for our Miami office or 617-720-1100 for our Boston office.