Effective, creative and responsive legal counsel for clients with international interests.

A Global, Multilingual Practice

Language is central to the practice of law. Likewise, effective communication is at the heart of quality client service. When managing complex legal matters with an international scope, businesses and their representatives are wise to choose an attorney who speaks their native language.

At Masud & Co., PC, we are committed to meeting the needs of diverse business clients around the world. That commitment entails not only traveling to meet clients where they are at but also ensuring that we can communicate effectively and accurately.

How We Approach Effective Communication

Our founding attorney, Robert Masud, speaks five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. He has the ability to communicate directly with clients from Mexico, Central and South America (including Brazil), and throughout Europe. To avoid the risk of miscommunication, we do not use interpreters to speak on our behalf to our clients.

In working with clients around the world, we know firsthand that spoken and written language is but one aspect of effective communication. Body language and cultural context also play a significant role in sharing meaning. We make every effort to understand clients on all of these levels. By traveling around the world to meet clients whenever possible, we utilize in-person exchanges to enhance the quality of our service.

Our attorney is deeply familiar with the cultures in clients’ home countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil. We also understand how business practices differ in these countries. We invest the time and effort necessary to ensure that we are familiar with our clients’ markets as well as the legal, cultural and business backdrops that impact their success.

Partner With Trusted Legal Counsel

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business and legal needs, and to discuss how we can work together toward a successful outcome. Call 617-720-1100 to reach our Boston office or 305-358-5000 for our Miami office. You can also contact us online.