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What are the benefits of an offshore account?

As a business owner who runs companies in the United States and other international territories, you may be wondering what the best way to save your money is. Living in Miami, you know that there are excellent benefits to running a business in Florida already, but did you know that offshore accounts could offer benefits as well?

When it comes to taxation, offshore accounts are extremely helpful. You may want to open an offshore bank account in a tax haven, so that you can avoid unnecessary taxation. Some of the tax havens that people currently rely on are locations such as the Cayman Islands where there are no capital gains taxes or corporate taxes, Switzerland where there can be full or partial tax exemptions, and Singapore, where there are nominal corporate taxes .

Tax benefits aren't the only reason to go offshore

Tax benefits are just one of the reasons why you may want to go offshore with your bank accounts. Another major reason is the convenience of the services. If you move from one country to the next regularly, then you may want to have an offshore account at a bank that is easy to reach regardless of where you are. For example, some countries allow you to register an account without living there, such as in Belize. Since you can access the account from anywhere, you’ll have access to your money at any time, no matter where you are.

A final reason to consider an offshore account is because of the potential for investment. You may be able to invest internationally whereas your U.S. bank account may not allow you to do so. This is something to consider if you work between two countries and are interested in reaching international markets that you don’t have access to now.

Are offshore accounts legal?

Yes, they are completely legal. While there is a heavy focus on offshore accounts being part of illegal schemes in the media, they’re actually totally legal and can help you help your company grow. These accounts are an excellent tool to use as long as you understand the rules and restrictions.